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NITECORE USB Camera Chargers

Compatible with multiple input sources

Easily copes with situations where AC input is not possible.

Compatible with an array of portable power banks, solar panels, USB adaptors, can be used in conjunction with Nitecore’s F1 flexible power bank to ensure endless power supply (Note: The F1 flexible power bank in conjunction with a fully charged 18650 battery holds enough charge to fully charge 1-2 camera batteries)


Dual slot specifically designed for enthusiasts, tending to the needs of both the primary and backup cameras.


Slot on front and bottom facades


Thoughtful design to accommodate the needs for enthusiastic photographers who carry primary and backup cameras, eliminating concerns for power shortage for either camera.

Internet Media conducts Nitecore USB Camera Charger Report


Globally renowned for their dominant positions in the charger marketing

State of the art technologies and designs ensure unparalleled functionality and safety.  Nitecore operates in full compliance with the ISO9001 guidelines, with the most exacting factory quality control standards.  Products marketed under the brand are all CE, RoHS, FCC, CEC, REACH, KC, C-TICK approved by an accredited certification body, ensuring the provision of effective solutions.


USB Camera Charger

    Smart charging management system

    Nitecore USB camera charger takes advantages of the smart charging management system: it monitors battery status, showing battery voltage, charging current, temperature and battery level and other parameters; and automatic adoption for the optimal charging modes between CC and CV.


    LCD display provide real-time feeds on overall charging status

    High definition LCD displays real-time charging information

    Battery Status/ Charged Volume/ Charging Temperature/ Battery Level/ Charging Current/ Battery Voltage


    Battery Status Monitoring

    Once the battery is inserted, the chargers will proceed with an initial low current test charge to diagnose battery status.  After the diagnosis, battery status will be shown as Good/Normal/Poor.


    Battery Recovery

    Nitecore camera chargers will attempt to recover over-discharged batteries when inserting in the charging slot.  Upon successful battery recovery, the entire battery level indicator will flash to represent that a battery has been successfully recovered. (Note: this feature only works with protected batteries)


    Reverse Polarity and Anti-short circuit protection

    Nitecore camera chargers make use of the mechanical reverse polarity protection.  Inserting imcompatible batteries or incorrect battery installation will prevent the initiation of the charging process.  The error message “EE EE” will come up on the LCD display when a short-circuited battery is installed.


    Durable & Fire Retardant Material

    Made from durable PC+ABS (VO) fire retardant materials

    Designed to cope with changeable outdoor environments.


    Handy, Lightweight, On-the-Go

    Palm size for easy carrying when travel, even much smaller and lighter than the original camera chargers.


    Cable storage trough

    Trough storage design allows maximum space utilization and shields the cable away from potential damages.