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Accutone has been making some of the world's best headsets since 1969, and this British brand’s goal has always been about bringing people closer. In the past, their focus was on providing the best communication tools for businesses in the form of telecommunication headsets for call centers and corporations. They know that in order to really bring people closer, they have to build headsets with great sound quality, reliability and durability. They are able to do so, because they are passionate about what they do, and have the knowledge and experience of how to make the best headset.

Based on the passion to music, they want everyone to be able to enjoy music in the most accurate form as our beloved musicians intended, simply because they are able to do that, which will make them achieve their goal of bringing the world closer. 



Accutone started building speakers in the late '60s and have been supplying industrial-grade elements to brand names throughout the world.  Eventually they started making headsets, mostly for communication purposes, they did that because they cherish relationships, and communication is the foundation of any relationship. Today, they are well-known for their audio products, but they believe music connects everyone far greater than talking, and their audio headsets are perhaps the best communication tools they have ever build!

Accutone is passionate in what they do, and it shows in the quality levels of their designs. Every product ever produced by Accutone is 100% designed by their award-winning industrial-design team and is able to engineer professional-grade acoustics to paired with the external beauty.  Furthermore, they operate their own manufacturing facilities, guaranteeing their products to be reliable as well as durable.

A combination of award-winning designs, decades of acoustic experience and deep genuine passion for building headset make Accutone one of the most popular choice amongst consumers and businesses alike. In that sense, the whole is truly greater than the sum of parts.





ACCUTONE 專業級 Studio 系列耳機


There is no perfect sound for everyone. Each individual is unique and our preferences for music dictate what types of headphones we should choose. It is obvious that the instrument we use for listening to Rock & Roll is very different than the ones we use for classical music. This is why audio tuning is so important for a good pair of headphones.

Accutone understands this need, and has built an audio classification system for all of its headphones. This makes it so much easier for consumers to choose according to their tastes. Users can simply look at the class identification on the package and choose the model which fits their tastes.

This is where Accutone is different from other brands in the market. Accutone’s products don’t just look different from each other, they sound different. There is more than one type of sound throughout their line-up. Accutone believe that instead of force-feeding customers with one “fit-for-all” tuning, they let them choose what suits them most, which sound is “better” for them.


Class A is tuned for Audio Balance, which means the output audio is "smoother" and "sweeter", without too much emphasis on bass or trebles. Designed for Pop and Soft Rock music. Lyra & Pavo Headphones are in this group. 

Class B is tuned for Ultra-Bass meaning a huge focus on the firm-ness and power of low-frequency sounds. Accutone tailor-made all speakers for "bass-enhanced" output. Designed for R&B, Rock and Metal; Taurus headphone is from this group.

Class C is tuned for Clarity, which is the ability to deliver different sound types and sound layers accurately, suitable for stage performers.  Sometimes using HD Beryllium speakers, Studio S1 & S2 belong to this group. Class C is perfect for instrumental or vocal music.