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Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • Lyra/Pavo/Taurus Series: One Year Warranty
  • Studio 1/ Studio 2 Series: Life-time Warranty
NITECORE USB Camera Battery Chargers & Action Camera Lights
  • Two Year Warranty
NITECORE Action Camera Lights
  • Five Year Warranty
IWATA GL-01 LED Video Lights Official Stock Warranty
  • Two Years Warranty: Free replacement in the 1st year, and Free maintenance in the 2nd year *
  • In event of normal use of damage or failure, our company will provide free replacement in the 1st year and free maintenance services in the 2nd year from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty period commences from the sales invoice date.  A valid sales invoice must be issued by our designated dealer or affixed with the official product model and serial number label provided by our designated dealer.
* Exception Clause:
1 / The first year of Replacement terms does not include situations based on misuse, incorrect voltage connection, malicious acts, negligence, liquid or waste infiltration, accident (such as dropping damage), natural disasters or damage caused by force.

2 / The second year of Repair service does not include consumable parts: including but not limited to batteries, LED lights, housing and other accessories.

3 / This warranty will be automatically invalidated in the following cases:
(a) the product has been repaired or modified by other unofficial persons;
(b) the product has been damaged by erroneous operation, negligence or accident such as a natural disaster;
(c) the product was not operated in accordance with the instructions provided by IWATA.

*  Customer must present proof of purchase and valid warranty card when claiming warranty.
**Any disputes arisen would be subject to our company's final decision.