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About IWATA GL-01 LED Video Light

IWATA GL-01 LED Video Light looks trendy & stylish, its size is even smaller than a common smart phone, weighs only 135g.   


The built-in 117 color LED beads are manufactured under the latest standard by the European television Union TLCI-2012, CRI is greater than 96, while TLCI is greater than 98, and color temperature range from 3000 to 5500K.  Its circuit board is imported from United States which is highly reliable, make it control the brightness accurately, hence realize the actual subject color on both picture and video.


IWATA GL-01 LED Video Light adopts its own constant current technology, which will not produce strobe in any brightness and color temperature.  Coupled with its unique battery discharging and charging time display function, users can easily master and control.  The built-in high-capacity battery supports fast charging and charging during usage, so as to achieve seamless operation and apply in harsh environments (such as polar environment).